Computer group : Debating Championships

1. Watch the BTN video
2. Click the link on the left side of our blog ( under Learning Fun)
3. Take notes while reading – Debating : a brief introduction for beginners found at the top on the right under ‘Related Information’

6 thoughts on “Computer group : Debating Championships

  1. I learnt that the room you debate in is always set up the same. Also an effective way of contrasting is putting the least important fact first and the most important fact last.

  2. I really like how they had so much strong words and cool to watch all the action. I learnt you need to know what you’re saying before you say it in public. Also you should always number your cards before you say it.

  3. I think it was such a good idea to watch the video. The tips where great and now I know a few more rules about debating. Thanks miss G and miss Chin. Adele! :0 🙂

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