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  1. Dear Diary,
    I went to the Cranbourne Botanical Gardens on 31st of May and also the last day of Autumn. We saw animals there, there were Bandakoots, birds and snakes. The snakes didn’t bite us because they were use to people and friendly, the Bandakoots were cute and the teacher took pictures of it. We saw more animals like waterfowls but they were the Aboriginal lifestyle of how they looked like. We did’t see any snakes but we were going to go to the tower when we got up the tower we saw the city, the mountains and we saw the burrows the Bandakoots were digging.

    Then we ate our lunch and went back exploring the Gardens then we played on the playground we got to play with chalk and my friends and I played teggie and there was one boy playing he was it.

    Finally we went to find the way back to the exit and we found it and we saw a Bandakoot and then we went back to the bus and went back to school it was the best day ever!
    The End!

  2. Dear Diary , on Wednesday 31st of May we went to the Royal Cranbourne Botanical Garden , we got there by bus it took us around 40 minutes when we entered the gate we saw a bandicoot and the weather was really bad but it got sunny later we we got ready we ate our snack before our LONG tour around the park after the first part of the tour we ate our lunch then we went to roam around the place and then we got another tour around the park without the instructor , we were supposed to “build your own oasis” but there were no things to build πŸ™ so we voted to wall around or sketch walk around won so we went around the park my friends (Dylan T Dylan V and Matthew made ochre from little rocks and it actually WORKED we got back and then went back to school

    The End

  3. Dear Dairy,
    Wednesday 31st May
    When we were there I could see a joey.When we went in I could see trees and dirt.Then we ate our snack I had cream sticks and a mandarin.After we went to find fruits and smelling leaves they all smelled disgusting for me.After that we saw a grass tree which was really really tall!Then we went into the Trip Trial so then we could go up a tower which wasn’t high at all but was for others.Then we went back to the beginning place to try ‘Finger Lime’ it tasted sour but was good for others.Then we tasted lemon martall tea which tasted exactly like water but was mixed with eucalyptus leaves and lemon martall leaves.Then we went back on the bus but before that we saw a joey.

    The End!

  4. Dear diary,
    In Wednesday 31st of May we went to cranbourne botanical gardens.

    Firstly,we drove in a bus to botanical gardens.When we got their it was raining hard! We also ate our snack when we got their too.

    Secondly, after we ate our snack we went to the sandy dessert.We looked at some plants and animals.We also looked at some leaves.That you rub them and smell your hand.Some were bad,good or smell like nothing! My favorite was the mint and coca cola! Smells so good! We went in a big tower and saw phillip island,port phillip bay,Melbourne and more!

    Finally,we ate our lunch.After we ate our lunch we bought our inquiry books and sketch. I forgot to bring my book. We crossed a bridge and saw water. We also played in a playground.I got dirty a little. Then we got our bags or plastic bags and went to the bus and drove to st Joseph.

    THAT WAS FUN!!!!!!

    On the 31st of May,the class went to taste lemon Murtle. Next,we went up the tower. Thirdly,we ate lunch. After lunch,we sat down to sketch.

  6. Dear Dairy,
    On the 31st May, 3 3/4 classes went to the Cranbourne Botanical Gardens.first all the 3/4 classes arrived and had our snack then we met 3 guides came.So they explained what we were going to do today .So all the 3 grades got divied.Our guide name was Kate .
    First Kate showed us a tree but I’m not sure what you call that tree we also saw a hummingbird and it had strips on it the colours of the bird were. Yellow,Black and White also inthe start we saw a Bandakoot so of the people thought it was a kangaroo but it was not after we finished our activities it was time for us to make aboriginal houses but we coulden’t find it so we had free time to play then it was time to go. I had a great time.
    The End?

  7. Dear Diary, on 31st May, we went to Cranbourne Botanic Gardens because our learning topic was how the aboriginal people lived. About two months before our excursion to Botanic Gardens it was postponed. It was canceled because the rain was heavy and it was freezing. But we went on #1st May anyways.

    Firstly, the excursion approximately took about a boring, 45 minutes to get there. When we arrived there, I looked out the white window and I was amazed of how massive Botanic Gardens was. While we were strolling down the pathway, we surprisingly saw a cute bandicoot. Also we ate our snack.

    Secondly, we had a instructor and her name was Kate. She showed us a bunch of plants and trees. One amazing fact she told us was one of the trees were 400 years old! We also got to smell plants and one of the plants smelt like coca cola. The plant was bright green. The coca cola plant was my most favorite plant because the smell was very good.

    Thirdly, Kate told us we were going to a tower on a very high mountain. We got to see a lot of trees and we actually saw a large wombat hole. When we arrived at the tower we went up some stairs and pointed at some landmarks. After that, we had to say goodbye to Kate.

    Finally, we went to eat our lunch and after we explored the other parts of Cranbourne Botanic Gardens. The best part of the excursion though was when we went on the playground. We saw a ton of equipment, but personally I loved the green bark from inside of the trees. You had to grab a rock and then smash it against the tree. If you did these steps correct you should see green bark from inside of the tree and it looks a bit like avocado. After that, I was sad thatw e had to go back to school and plus we saw another cute bandicoot on the way back to the bus.

    Anyways, it was a very good day there and I hope we go back to Cranbourne Botanic Gardens again because it was very FUN!

  8. Dear diary,
    We all went to cranbourne botanical gardens. We saw two joeys and leaves that smells.One of the leaves smell like mint.Finally we ate our lunch.After we ate our lunch we went to see some aboriginals tools And then we went back on the bus.

  9. Dear Diary,
    Yesterday the 31st of May we went to Cranbourne Botanical Gardens.

    On the first trip,we had to rub our fingers on the leaves, one of the leaves smelt like stinky socks and another one smelt like coke a cola.

    The next part, we went to the coloured rocks there were small rocks something like chork. And a normal big rock, what we had to do was rub the small rock on the big rock. The small rock made some colour on the big rock, then we put water on the big rock that made paint. We put our hands on the big rock and put our hands on a wall. We had our handprints on the walls.

    Then,we went to a broken house and drank lemon finger tea. It tasted like water and a bit of lemon.

    Then, we went to a brige and had a class photo.

    Next, we tasted some finger lime it tasted sweet and sour.

    Then, we went to the tower and saw the city, we also saw a phone case.

    Finally, we had had to go back to the bus, but when we got to the bus we saw a bandicoot.

    I had a awesome time at at Cranbourne Botanical Gardens.

    • Keeley your dear diary looks great and also sounds great I liked how you put the spaces between the lines. But it would be better if you used the words like firstly, secondly, thirdly and finally instead of then and next.

  10. dear diary, yesterday my class went to the Royal Botanical garden.first we went to the red sand desert,there were two trees one has some honey eaters and the other has no honey eaters o and by the way our host ‘s name is Kate.then when we were walking we saw a little bandicoot Dylan saw it first.we walked around the garden then we saw a duck.The duck looked very funny when he went down the water.Then we had snack I had a banana for snack.after snack we had a smell of the flower.later we had a cup of tea I tasted it and it was yummy not I did not like it so… I porud mine out.we were hungy so we had lunch I had a sandwich. finaly it was time to go back to school when we were walking back to the bus we saw a cute joey it was eating some levaes. that day was the best day ever!!!!!!!!!

  11. Dear Diary,
    On Wednesday,we went to the Cranbourne Royal Botanical Gardens.Firstly we went & smelt plants that had weird scents like Diarrhea,Mint, bubble gum and more weird plant scents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
    Secondly we went up a tower and saw Port Phillip bay,Melbourne City and Churchill Island/Phillip Island.There were lots of noises like Bird chirping,Bandicoots chewing on leavesand more amazing sounds.There was also this tree that looked like it had a echidnas nose,I called it the Echidna nosed Tree.It was a Great Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Dear Diary,
    Yesterday on the 31st of May we went to Cranbourne Botanical Gardens. First we went and ad our play lunch. I had oreos. Secondly we went to some big boulders and we put ochre on to our hands to make hand prints. Thirdly we went onto the playground. I played on the slide. It was great and I had a very good experience.
    By May

  13. Dear diary,
    yesterday at the Cranbourne Botanical Gardens Wednesday 31st of May year 3/4F, 3/4MF, and 3/4 G went to Cranbourne Botanical Gardens to learn how aboriginal life was like. First we had to get on the bus witch took about 40 minutes to get there.When we got there we ate then met our instructors.my class’s instructor was Kate she showed us the plants and we smelt them. One of them smelled like cocacola.
    secondly we went to see this tree that had long grass on it and had a long spicky pine on top then we did some ochre painting and we had groups and in my group I had Dylan. T, lorraine, Alvina, May, and me. After we painted our hands and printed them on a big rock. My hand print didn’t really show up.
    Thirdly we went up a tower and pointed at some places next we went to look at aboriginal tools and weapons after that we ate then explored the place the we went back on the bus and back to school.

  14. Dear Diary,
    I already know about plants but okay. Me and our class went to the Botanical Gardens. It was raining
    so that kinda bad but whats even worst is i didn’t have a rain jacket or umbrella, i was quit not smart about that, I thought it wasn’t going to to rain but my mum warned me but whatever. I’d had to hide under somebody’s umbrella. When it stopped we continued down the stairs we went thorough a check in room it looked cool inside but outside was dirty. When we ate our snack we had to put our rubbish in our own back it was gross!! Anyway we divined into groups we were with another teacher. When we went to the gardens the teacher told us to smell plants or flower our feel it, by the way i was sick to flowers so yeah. We continued to the gardens and we did some fun stuff, it was rock art i’d choose the red and orange color i don’t what it was. When we continued down the gardens we saw the other class they were on a large building and on a mountain it was cool!! I asked the teacher”are we going to the mountains?” i asked she said”yes”OMG i was so happy we’re going there. we went to the teacher’s house it looked like it was old, she gave us cups and she pored some lemon tea we drink the tea it taste like water but it smells like lemon. when we went to the mountains it started to rain a little bit then it stopped we went to the gate and it had a lage water pond we can’t passed it but we can jump over it i was scared if my shoes are going be wet so i leaped over but little splashed! Then we went up a hill the teacher told us some plants i was bored so i said”can we go now!” i was starting get mad. then we ate our lunch and we went to the playground. then we went to the bus
    I had a great time on this time!

  15. Dear diary I had great time at Cranbourne botanical Garden it was fun.

    On 31/5/2017 i went to Cranbourne i could see animals,plant,leaves and flowers
    animals i saw waterfowl,joey and bees
    plants i saw flowers,trees,grass tree,bush
    i could smell flowers,leaves and air
    i could hear animals
    wdere had a persen who is our lieder.She show us around we drak a drink that has water and lemen in side it.It taert like water.We ate finger lime some chirdren like it i did not like it.It taert sour.
    i had a great day.

    The end

  16. Dear Diary,
    At Cranbourne Botanical Gardens my class and I got there. First my class ate snack and then Kate came to show us the plants that smell m favourite was the coke a cola plant.

    Then, we went to the the coloured rocks and followed the instucktions. We had to rub the small rock on the big rock. It made some colour and then we put water on the big rock that made paint then we put our hands on the big rock and put it on the walls. Next we went to the broken house and tasted finger lime tea. Then we went to the shelter and tasted finger lime it tasted sweet and sour but I liked it .

    I had a great day at Cranbourne Botanical Gardens.

  17. Dear Diary,
    Yesterday, I went to Cranbourne Botanical gardens,it was awesome.
    It took forty-two minutes to drive there.

    We saw a Joey, it was actually cute, but it was raining.
    We had a quick snack to get our brains working.
    Our first activity was seeing ,feeling , watching and painting.
    We saw rare and special birds, fruit trees, feeling plants and smelled them, next we did painting with special rocks and normal water.
    The painting activity was quick we painted our hands and pasting it on the tall rock.
    Then we saw a tree that was over 400 years old and can only grow a centimeter tall every year,
    it was found in Western Australia. Next we had a walk in a maze, we saw a lake that had water fowls. We saw a big, tall tower and I asked her if we we can visit there, and she said yes, I was really excited. Then we drunk eucalyptus drink, it taste like water but had a good smell. We came back and our last activity was seeing the animals foot-path. Everyone was suspicious, then once we kept following it had ended, we didn’t really care. We kept walking and saw a tower we visited there and enjoyed the view.
    We saw Melbourne city and Phillip port bay and even mountains, if we pasted there then we could see Canberra. We went down and had our lunch. We visited around Cranbourne Botanical gardens and THE END

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