78 thoughts on “100 word challenge : the water just kept gushing out… using BEHEMOTHIC and FRIGID

  1. I was a construction worker in the country, the water just kept gushing out, squirting at my face, the pipe was leaking with intense force. Next I found that I might drown and then something worse happend. The door slammed shut behind me. I couldn’t believe that someone would be so cruel and do that. Suddenly, the behemoth pipe fractured in half and all the water surged out. Luckily, I remembered an escape route which my boss told me about. So I grabbed my ladder in the room and snatched my wrench and i started to carve out a hole. The hole opened with a fascinating squeak. I then placed my ladder beneath the hole and I climbed the ladder to get out. I then screamed and coughed out a ton of water and calmed myself down. “I guess I will call it a magnificent day,” I said with sarcasm.

  2. 100 word prompt:
    The contaminating tsunami had behemoth waves which were making people overanxious.The enormous wave kept on breaking houses and building.Suddenly the waves destroyed my home and the water just kept gushing out of my fish tank.I ran so swiftly that I felt like Flash.But the colossal waves kept on catching up to me.Then I found a hiding spot underground and it was so horrifying but so worth it.When I was exploring the underground,my face went through a spider’s web.It was getting dark so I went to sleep on the ground.

    • Hey Dylan V, very GOOD prompt. I love the way you put in those interesting words like contaminating and overanxious. You could’ve checked your writing again because the word “building” must have the letter S. But well done!

    • Dylan I liked how you added all lot of interesting words.Even better if the things would go slower because in my opinion their was all little bit to much happening at once.

  3. “BOOM” i heard as i woke up,i looked through my window,i saw fire in the engine.I felt terrified and was very nervy.The plane glided through the air before crashing into the glacial water.I had to think fast but the frigid water keep gushing into the plane.I got an idea to put my life jacket on and put the warmest clothes so i wouldn’t drown in the icy cold water.I did it but the freezing cold water felt like 17 needles poking my legs.I went back because it was too cold so i came to my family and they were OK but they were freezing.I looked at the back of the plane and the back part of the plane ripped off when we crashed.

    By Dylan T

    • I liked how you you put a sizzling start

      The bad thing was that when it was the end you could of have put this !!!!!!!!

    • Hey Dylan T, you did a FASCINATING job.I have some feedback though. The part that said the frigid water keep gushing into the plane. You forgot to put a T at the end of keep.You put in a lot of interesting words but i think you should add more interesting words.And I love when you put a cliff hanger at the end because I love to hear the end of this exciting story.

  4. 100 word prompt
    The water kept gushing out fish and secured the land. They dangled around land, trying to get in the ocean. Meanwhile when the fish got in the ocean. A behemoth blue whale ate the fish. The fish wondered the whales body and looked inside but there was nothing to see.Just the dark and the shadow and no where to go. Then the blue whale choked and cough. It spat out the fish.The fish tried to find it’s home and he found its home in his corner of his eye so he ran there briskly.He lived their for ever.

  5. 100 word prompt
    Behemothic purple walls escaped 6 meters long wihin my legs the frigid water. I didn’t know what to do because the house was going to break because of the tornado and it was flooding but my mum was with me hugging me and i didn’t want my mum to die because I love her so I made a titanic and I gathered everyone in my neighberhood and also my whole family and told them we were leaving to Melbourne and they agreed to leave their fabulous homes which is going to be wrecked so they took their things.

  6. The behemothic waves were gushing out onto the shore. The people ran out of the beach terrified as the fish,jellyfish and sharks were washing out onto the sand.The water spread through the pathways,roads and peoples homes.Someone jumped in the pool and said”this water is frigid”! the person went in the house wanting to dry up.

  7. 100 Word Prompt
    On a day there was a tsunami and was a great event.It bashed the city and our house.I opened the door and the frigid water came gushing in so,I closed the door rapidly but the water just kept gushing out.I tried getting out but luckily i could find a boat or ship to go a long distant away.I had to travel to Perth because Queensland and New South Wales had a tsunami too,but then there was a tsunami too our ship fell but we had safety boats we could paddle to safety.

    The End

    • how can u close a door rapidly?
      And how can this tsunami be a good ,fun event?
      All houses were bashed and u said u closed the door?
      get your grammars right
      How can you go on ships when there is a tsunami?
      you would not survive coz u left every thing behind.

  8. I walked into the behemothic hotel and told me to go to room A015. I walked to the pool area and there was rocks everywhere and people were wading, so did I. When i swam in I saw a large crack. I put my finger in and the water inside the crack frigid! “*Gasp* The crack just got bigger! I screamed when I reached air. “Its behemoth! Its also so glacial!”shouts the lifeguard. I knew it would leak and flood but i didn’t want to worry anyone. All of a sudden, peoples balconies started to fill with water and rooms were flooding. I checked my room, I tried to get the water balcony but the water just kept gushing out.

  9. Hey Billy, you did a very good job. But here is my opinion for the thins you need to work on:Sentences need to make more sense, Better Punctuation and more interesting words.

  10. 100 word prompt
    Behemothic blue waves are demolishing the high buildings as it goes past.The water just kept gushing out rapidly.The tsunami just kept on getting bigger and bigger and even stronger.As you run you could feel the frigid water behind you.Everyone is quivering as they ran briskly not knowing what to do.Sadly some people lost one or two people in their family.I thought quickly and grabbed any children close to the colossal wave and tried to help the elder weak people.The tsunami had finally stopped but I still had the jitters.We hope we can rebuild our houses and live happily again

  11. I’m on a behemoth orange boat that has a cooler bag. Suddenly the ice in the cooler bag was melted. The cooler bag was used by my grandfather and it had a medium sized rip in it since my grandfather was a young boy. Suddenly a crocodile started to stare at us and it gave me a big fright. Then it tried to bite the boat. My dad and I pulled the lever as hard as we could to go faster. Then the crocodile started to chase us and the crocodile bite the boat. When it bit the boat it’s huge sharp teeth bite through the water tank that was next to the huge engine. Because of that all of the water kept gushing out into the ocean. I wondered if I had a chance to live?

  12. On the school holiday my family and I went on a cruise ship.the second day on the ship there was a creaking noise and then suddenly out of nowhere water started splashing everywhere,the water just kept gushing out and then everyone put their life jackets and swam to and island that they could find and they brought their phones so the could ring somebody so they could get a lift back home.


  13. 100 words challenge Conspiracy
    I was on an ocean liner, it felt like I was on a plane.
    I saw many arcade games and beer, I really wanted to try the beer, I wanted to know how it taste like. A group of people was punching the pipes thinking how strong they are, the pipe broke and lots of water came out.
    The water just kept gusting out rapidly, it was like soldiers shooting with a machine gun, but not stopping. I was with fear, a bohemothic tsunami came and smashed the ship!
    I didn’t know what happen, I didn’t know what to do. Everybody was aiming for the life boat and the life jacket. I knocked every body of and grabbed one for myself some people didn’t make it, I was really sorry.
    I ran as fast as lightning though the arcade and busted the door wide and then dived in the water.
    111 words

    • Hey Jordan I think that the way that you used lots of words and that you wrote how many words that you typed is great. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  14. reminder
    Can you please give me feedback back or tell me what worked well. If yes you would give me feedback, then


  15. ust saying I changed some of it,well most of it.

    Tuesday 13th,2012 I arrived at the Gold Coast.I saw a water park.There were so much water slides at the park.I went to the nearest water slide.The slide I saw was so gigantic, was long as 95555 houses.The slide was behemothic.When I went on it I saw the water.The water kept gushing out of a pipe,th e water was so frigid,so I covered myself with my extremely cold arms.After that I got some food at a food shop called fast food.Then I went home.
    The End.

  16. There was a collosal squid ina behemothic sea.
    This enormous squid had a goal to sink a massive ship.The squid was quivering in the frigid water.So the collosal squid swam swiftly across the frezzing
    sea,but while the squid was swimming he some how made a tsumai and it went over a building and the wave got bigger and bigger and even bigger.Everyone ran as fast as they could.But the water kept gushing everywhere.The squid felt guitly so he swam away to his under water world.Hopeing konw one will remember this.

  17. On Sunday morning I woke up with great excitement.I was going to the zoo. First we saw the monkeys.Next we saw the elephants. I saw 1 elephants have a drink through it’s trunk and water just kept gushing Out! After this I wanted to see some frigid penguins.

  18. 100 words prompt
    On Sunday morning I woke up with great excitement. I saw the monkeys. Next I saw the elephants and their trunk drink water kept gushing out.

    After I wanted to saw the penguins I went to eat lunch then I went home.

    I had a fun day at the zoo and my favorite animal was the penguins.

  19. The water just kept gushing out of the reservoir breaking houses and buildings and killing thousands of innocent citizens but luckily i drove away crossing the border to Mexico. After long hours of driving I stopped at taco stand for a drink and food , even Donald Trump didn’t escape the reservoir flood but my family died ): and I was ready for being homeless . My cousin lived in Mexico so i could live with him so i can survive although i was hurt, i cold drive.

    The End

  20. 100 word Prompt
    The waves kept getting bigger and bigger.It was getting closer and closer.The water was starting to rise,I was stuck to the chain because of playing a stupid ghost game,so I bit the chains and the came off.The tsunami was only a few miles away so I rushed to the balcony and hopped fast as a bunny into the safety boat.It was going to strike in a few moments .I paddled quickly but the tsunami hit me. A few moments later I woke up and swam to shore,the Tsunami was over.

  21. 100 Word Prompt
    The behemothic yellow cruise ship had an massive hole in it. when that happened the ship shook, it may have hited a big rock. Then the frigid water started gushing in the ship it felt like a butch of bugs were biting me. I started to worry. I didn’t now what to do. but then an idea came to my head if I got something to block the hole then the water might stop gushing inthe ship. I found some tape on the table and a pair of scissors so I took them I cut a big piece of tape and place it on the hole and hoped it would work. And it did. I was very happy but the problem was how was I going to get all the water out of the ship.

  22. Good job May,
    1 I don’t get the story
    2 of all what is the story talking about?
    3 how does a lever help the boat quicker?
    4 add more letters to the world fright instead frighten
    5 change the sentence a little
    6 hasn’t the ice cool bag melted when the grandpa was little?
    7 Isn’t the cool bag ripped because it was to old?
    What work well
    some of your words make no sense but most of them make sense
    I was kind of entertained
    The story is stuck in my head a little

  23. In the morning it was very frigid, over crew and i were at china, we were here to take out the bombers. but there were lots of behemothic tsunami, i was hoping there wasn’t any massive tsunami . Our crew heard a wave, it was coming our way. Then nukes lunching from the sky, it was a nightmare. One of our ships got hit cause of the nukes. our ship was attacked, our corner of the ship was carry tanks of water, Then suddenly a nuke hit our corner of the ship, the water kept gushing out. was sinking, we all ran to the life boats and rode them. we headed to the deck but it was DESTROYED so we went a dark spookay cave. When we stayed there for a while. We counted how many people are left a lot of people were gone. We started to give up, but one of our crew had an idea he said” 3 people have to be undercover and has to stop them” but everybody was quiet so he picked Dan, Billy and pat were the agents to stop them. So they used the life boats to the part of the tallest building. The boss told them to help them with the creates. Once they reach creates of bombs they have to dumb the bombs into the water and has to stop the bombers. They never returned back to the base, but we heard some news on the radio it said” The bombs are stopped!” we were all okay with that, but if our 3 people returned that be amazing. THE END!

  24. On Sunday morning i woke up with great excitement.I was going to the zoo.First we saw the cheeky monkeys.Next we saw the elephants.I saw one of the elephant had a drink of water through its trunk and the water just kept gushing out.After this i wanted to see some frigid creatures.These are animal that live in the cold weather.I saw the polabear,penguins and seals i also saw a lion the lion was very behemothic.

  25. When I looked up the bohemoth wall was lining over like a giant dinosaur getting in-stink, I had a little bit of space to move so I moved at that space and the wall crashed into the floor it made a big hole on the wall water kept gushing out the water was frigid I could hardly feel my legs! It did not stop,I saw some sharp ice I pic it up and cut thou the wall I went in the hole and block the hole that was so dangerous the end.

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